The Reservation Form must be completed and submitted for approval at least two weeks prior to your event. Once the event has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email from Information and Support Services. Please allow at least one business day for your request to be scheduled. Your media equipment, maintenance, housekeeping, and security needs will be forwarded to the appropriate department and our staff will take care of your event setups. Please review your confirmation(s) for accuracy to make sure your reservation is correct.


You are responsible for coordinating your catering needs (food, drinks, and linens). If you are using SodexoMagic please call 213.736.1133 or email

Guest Parking Validation

For parking inquiries or validations please contact Campus planning 213.736.8391.

Note: Prior to scheduling a reservation, please check the Master Calendar and allow 10 minutes before a class begins and 10 minutes after a class ends. If the reservation is not an activity directly related to the Law School, a fee may be charged for facility usage, maintenance, housekeeping, security and ISS staff required to support the event.

New Reservation